Thursday, September 29, 2022

New Dodge Trucks: For the Best Fuel Economy, Consider Engine Size and Type

New dodge trucks, with their bold style and revised interior, provide accommodating ride, punchy engine, and a superb infotainment setup. Since customers buy different trucks for different reasons, manufacturers have provided a wide range of models to suit various needs of customers.

If you buy for intensive hauling purposes, you need a truck model with improved features to meet your needs. However, engine capacity and type also play a great role in functionality and efficiency in terms of fuel consumption. By selecting a truck with the right engine size, you strike a balance between having enough power and maintaining good fuel consumption.

Past models of trucks used to consume a lot of gas because the models almost have the same type of engine size and capacity. Today if you need new dodge trucks, you can get them in varying engine size and capacity to meet your needs. For example, a V6 engine today can do the work of a V8 engine ten years ago.

In most cases, truck manufacturers offer only diesel engines in heavy-duty models except in a few cases in specific models. This is because diesel engines are better for towing because they deliver high torque for pulling heavy loads using relatively lower speeds. Users often want what they call low-end torque because of more force needed to start a heavy trailer than to keep it rolling at a constant speed.

Another factor you need to consider for fuel economy is the axle ratio. Pickup trucks bear a wide range of optimal axle ratios and the choice you make affects directly the amount of fuel the truck consumes and its towing capacity. In other words, a truck with higher number for the axle ratio can tow more, but with a lower fuel efficiency. For instance, if your truck has optimal axle ratio of 3.73 gears, it can tow more than that with a ratio of 3.55 or 3.21 gears.

In the end, before you make a final decision on the type of truck to buy, you need to analyze the engine type and size so you can make the best selection to meet your needs—that is in terms of convenience, efficiency and fuel economy.