Friday, July 3, 2020

Worn out car tires arguably the major cause of road accidents

Car tires don’t cause road accidents, bad driving does. And to suggest that car tires cause road accidents is to ignore the fact that there needs to have been driving conventions that were not applied adequately in order for the car tires to have failed to do their job.

Yet worn out car tires do certainly contribute significantly to road accidents because when every other mechanism fails when driving, the last line of defence as it were, is car tires, which cease to provide any assistance if they are in a bad state. As a way of illustration, imagine a driver who by all accounts has a roadworthy car, with the exception of his worn out car tires. In an emergency brake situation, coming from relatively high speed, the car will reply on the grip of good tires in order to avoid skidding off uncontrollably and causing a road accident. But in the absence of healthy car tires, skidding is highly likely and an accident a near certainty.

And if one considers that car tires are often left until they are on the brink of being completely torn apart before motorists change them, it invariably makes car tires one of the primary risk factors in road accidents.