Saturday, May 30, 2020

True choice would be car tires that come in any colour

Ever wondered why every part of a car can be customised insofar as the choice of colour is concerned, yet car tires aren’t? Both the interior and exterior of a car can be customised to suit individual taste in colour and style yet car tires have no such option.

Coincidentally, it was car manufacturing giant Henry Ford who infamously proclaimed, ‘Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.’ Although such limited choice is no longer the norm for cars, car tires still only offer one choice, black. Granted, there is an entirely legitimate reason manufacturers choose to manufacture car tires in black despite rubber being able to be manipulated into any colour. Longevity of the tires. Yet what choice is there really when manufacturers get final say about the colour the tires will be manufactured in? True choice would be manufacturing car tires in a myriad of colours then giving consumers the choice to either choose the durable black, or colour tire at the expense of durability.

While coloured car tires are available for purchase to the public, they nonetheless cannot be legally used on the road; relegating them to merely a novelty feature. Coloured car tires that can be used legally, now that’s choice.