Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Could muscle cars for sale in Australia one face request for a ban?

Muscle cars for sale belong to an entirely different category than supercars, but they both happen to be high performance vehicles available for purchase to the general public. Muscle cars, which are a rather affordable type of high performance car compared to other high performance cars in different categories, ostensibly pose similar risks in endangering the public as a supercar.

Therefore one can’t help but lament the possibility that muscle cars could one day face the same threat of public ban by the Australian government as did their counterparts the supercar in the early 70’s, an incident aptly termed ‘the Supercar scare’. Yet it begs the questions: if that fate ever befell muscle cars, what use would this ban be when there are still other types of high performance cars available for sale in Australia? One would think not much use, because if you can’t get a muscle car to rear your proverbial engine, then you can always go the traditional sports car route. But alas! The main stumbling block to that line of reasoning is the fact that the appeal of muscle cars is not only their performance capabilities but their affordability as well. So while a standard sports car would cost you a pretty penny, you could get the same thrills from a muscle car at a fraction of the cost.

Thus from that perspective, certainly far less people will be rushing to the dealership to get a pricey sports car if muscle cars for sale were banned, and thus fewer high speed incidents that threaten to endanger civilian lives, which means the Australian government will have succeeded in their quest… if it ever came to that of course.