Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Drivers of commercial trucks must learn how to drive a passenger car

Commercial trucks and passenger vehicles will inevitably have to keep sharing the same road. And there will always be more passenger vehicles on the road at any given time than commercial trucks. As such drivers of commercial trucks are likely to be subject to the unofficial driving norms of passenger vehicle drivers.


Granted, it makes perfect sense that commercial truck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers get tested differently when comes time to acquire a driving license, since the mechanical make up of the two vehicles is actually quite different. For instance, a commercial truck does not parallel park because physically the vehicle is limited in performing the maneuvers that a passenger car is able to in that particular instance. But more relevant than the mechanical differences and what would be beneficial for commercial truck drivers is having the experience of driving a passenger vehicle first because the knowledge required about driving on the road with mostly passenger vehicles will allow them to be better prepared to deal with the passenger cars on the road.


Indeed, the drivers of commercial trucks and passenger vehicles are equally responsible for safety on the roads. But with the driving norms being dictated by the latter, it’s best that the former learn how the latter drives to anticipate and prevent potential accidents.