Monday, June 1, 2020

There should be restrictions to road use for commercial trucks

Commercial trucks have to get around just like every other vehicle on the road. The only difference is that the sheer size of a commercial truck means that the potential danger that may occur if the truck were to be involved in an accident on the road is far bigger in scale when compared with smaller passenger vehicles.


There are certainly specific instances when the risk for an accident on the road is highest. Firstly there’s the time of day when the road is being used by the most number of vehicles at a given time. This is one of the instances that the risk factor is high. Then the time of day when accidents are most prone compared to any other time is in the night time, on account of the limited light, and because it’s the time of day when drivers are the least alert from fatigue. It is during these instances that commercial trucks should be restricted from using civilian roads.


It’s not to say that a complete restriction be put in place, but at the times mentioned above, it would be in the interest of the general safety of those using the roads to put limitations as to how and when commercial trucks use civilian roads.