Monday, April 12, 2021

Teacup dogs for sale nothing more than a passing fad

The craze that dog lovers are going through at the moment are teacup dogs for sale. Because like most people always waiting for the next big fad to jump onto, dog lovers are no different. Teacup dogs of course are those pint sized little canines that look like miniature puppies that just never grew. Teacup is a most fitting descriptor considering that the dogs actually never grow bigger than object approximately the size of a teacup.


But like most passing fads, those who find themselves in its grips would have everyone else believe that the fad is the best thing since sliced bread. Owners of these micro -miniature dogs will extol all kinds of reasons why getting these dogs is a stellar idea, including the fact that they fit into ones purse and thus can be taken everywhere; a fulltime companion as it were. However like all one-sided companionships the benefit only flows in one direction, that of the owner, for the owners will never reveal the questionable circumstances under which many of these dogs are bred.


The craze surrounding teacup dogs for sale may seem to be perfectly innocent, but this is one that PETA should definitely look into.