Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Web & Technology

Cable internet a less costly option

Cable internet may be slow as a snail compared to the more rapid internet speeds fired by wireless internet, but it certainly provides a more affordable option for home use when compared to other connection options.


Everyone is concerned about their finances these days. With most people having barely made it out of the economic crisis with their financial dignity intact, every penny that comes out of the pocket counts. And while certain indulges can be sacrificed, the need for internet access is not one of them and certainly not an indulgence. But with internet access comes the critical issue of speed, which also happens to come at a price since routers which support high speeds are far more expensive than more moderate to slower speeds. Cable internet provides less faster speeds but is far more affordable and thus a viable option for those looking to connect in their homes without the burden of the cost.


Of course one could always just forsake a home internet connection altogether and stick with the mobile internet, but those for whom this is not an option and cost is an issue, cable internet is the most ideal option as it provides the service needed at an affordable rate.